Compliance is at the center of everything we do and is embedded in the organizational values of YPF Luz.

Our Compliance Program has been designed based on 4 critical pillars: RISK MANAGEMENT, CULTURE, COMPLIANCE CHANNEL and LEADERSHIP, with the purpose of:
• Guarantee the highest standards of regulatory compliance and internal company policies
• Ensure honest, ethical and transparent practices in all the operations we carry out
• Prevent, mitigate and promptly respond to the compliance risks of the business through the multiple mechanisms intended for this purpose.

In that sense, we have implemented a robust Compliance training and communication program that reaches all company employees, we have introduced technological tools for risk control in relation with third parties and we have developed a Compliance risk matrix and tool to facilitate and streamline our work, adapting to the current times.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct guides the actions of our people on a daily basis. We have processes to resolve and identify situations of ethical conflicts, and an Compliance Channel where emplo​​​yees can communicate them.


Anti-Bribery Policy

​At YPF Luz, we are honest, ethical and transparent and our ethical culture is in every activity we undertake. Our Anti-Bribery Policy applies to our employees and Third parties. We count with your support to continue to work with integrity and transparency.

Compliance Line

Through its Compliance Channel, YPF Luz´s employees and stakeholders can raise questions or concerns related to potential breaches to the company's Code of Ethics & Conduct, policies, procedures and/or regulatory requirements.

YPF Luz will take the necessary measures to address anonymous questions or concerns, ensuring that confidentiality is guaranteed.​





Through your boss or by contacting the Compliance and Internal Audit Team