Sites in Operation

In YPF Luz we have an installed capacity of 2,384 MW, which we supply to the wholesale and industrial market, and we are building 100 MW.  We provide electricity generation solutions adapted to the needs of each client, including efficient thermal energy, renewable energy, cogeneration and distributed energy.

Our assets are strategically diversified throughout the country. With a presence in six provinces, we operate eight thermal power plants, three wind farms and began the construction of our first solar park, the Zonda.
Loma Campana Complex
Loma Campana Complex
  • Total power: 229MW.
  • 3 thermal generation plants.
  • Location: Añelo, Neuquén.
Tucuman Power Generation Complex
Tucuman Power Generation Complex
  • Installed capacity: 1302MW.
  • 3 combined cycle plants.
  • Location: El Bracho, Tucumán.
Manantiales Behr Wind Farm
Manantiales Behr Wind Farm
  • Installed Capacity: 99MW.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Location: Manantiales Behr, Chubut.
La Plata Cogeneration Plant
La Plata Cogeneration Plant
  • Installed Capacity: 218MW.
  • 2 cogeneration plants
  • Location: La Plata, Buenos Aires.
Manantiales Behr Engine Center
Manantiales Behr Engine Center
  • Installed Capacity: 58MW.
  • Location: Manantiales Behr, Chubut.
  • Thermal Energy.
Los Teros Wind Farm
Los Teros Wind Farm
  • Installed Capacity: 175MW.
  • Location: Los Teros, Azul, Buenos Aires.
  • Renewable energy
Cañadón León Wind Farm
Cañadón León Wind Farm
  • Installed Capacity: 123MW.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Location: Cañadón Seco, Santa Cruz.
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Zonda Solar Park
Zonda Solar Park
  • Location: Iglesia, San Juan
  • Total power: 300 MW
  • Energy type: renewable | solar


Thermal Power Plant in operation

Thermal Power Plant under construction

Wind Farm in operation

Wind Farm under construction

Solar Park under construction

AssetLocationInstalled Capacity (MW)TechnologyStatus
activoCañadon LeónSanta Cruz123Wind FarmIn operation
activoCentral Dock Sud CC + GTBuenos Aires870Combined Cycle/Open CycleIn operation
activoEl BrachoTucumán473Combined CycleIn operation
activoEl ZondaSan Juan100SolarUnder construction
activoLa Plata CogeneraciónBuenos Aires128CogenerationIn operation
activoLa Plata Cogeneración IIBuenos Aires90CogenerationIn operation
activoLoma Campana EsteNeuquén17MotogeneratorIn operation
activoLoma Campana INeuquén107Open CycleIn operation
activoLoma Campana IINeuquén105Open CycleIn operation
activoLos Teros IBuenos Aires123Wind FarmIn operation
activoLos Teros IIBuenos Aires52Wind FarmIn operation
activoManantiales BehrChubut99Wind FarmIn operation
activoMotores Manantiales BehrChubut58MotogeneratorIn operation
activoSan Miguel de TucumánTucumán382Combined CycleIn operation
activoTucumánTucumán447Combined CycleIn operation