Who We Are

We are a company with 7 years in the electric power generation sector (YPF Energí​a Eléctrica S.A.), which has quickly positioned itself as an important player in the Argentine power generation market. We are strongly committed to contribute to the growth of Argentina and to the generation of value for our shareholders, customers and communities.

Our History

In 2011 YPF opened an electrical market business unit, as a first step in its transformation from an oil& Gas company into a comprehensive energy company. In 2013 YPF Energía Eléctrica became YPF´s subsidiary in the electric power market, and began operations with the Tucumán Power generation complex, with 830 MW of installed capacity.

From that moment on, the company has focused on the generation of efficient and reliable energy, through the construction of new power generation plants and renewable energy sites, with first-class technology, to supply YPF and other large industrial and for the commercialization in the wholesale electricity market (MEM).​

Our Mission

We are a profitable, efficient and sustainable energy company, which optimizes natural resources and contributes to the energetic development of Argentina and the markets where it operates.

Our Vision

We aim to be one of the main power generators in Argentina, and a leader in renewable energy, operating with world-class safety, technology, efficiency and quality standards.



We are part of one team

We complement each other to coordinate efforts toward shared goals.We value diversity and inclusion. We each do our part and add value.We work as a single team because together we are better.​


Sustainability is in our DNA

We seek to be sustainable in all our daily actions and decisions.We want to achieve constant and long-term economic, social and environmental growth to make our planet a better place for future generations.                                

Focus on results
Focus on results

We focus on results

We are focused on clear objectives.Challenging, but possible.The work of each one of us contributes and is focused on achieving sustainable results that ensure the long-term growth of the company and the welfare of people.                                ​


We are passionate about what we do

Coming to work every day to generate good energy motivates us.We choose to be here. We are attentive, willing, enthusiastic.We anticipate the plays because we are focused on what we like.We are motivated by our team, our goals and the positive impact of our daily work.


We take charge

 We comply with what we say. We are responsible for our decisions, our actions and their impacts. We work with integrity and transparency, generating trust in our team, in our clients and in our environment.


We are always moving

We seek to move with the speed and dynamism of the energy we generate. We are driven by innovation.We constantly challenge the status quo, looking for iterations that improve our processes and services.​


Sustainable growth with profitability and financial discipline
Leadership in the power generation market with a focus on renewables
Guarantee competitive energy solutions for our customers
Efficient, reliable, transparent, and safe operations and processes
Develop and strengthen our people as a differentiating element
Social and environmental sustainability in our operations